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Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System – 18-inch Sweeper with 4 Reusable Pads and 360-Spin Mop Head with Extendable Handle – Household Cleaning Supplies and Tools

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Price: $49.99 - $33.95
(as of Dec 04,2021 11:17:28 UTC – Details)

Product Description

turbo microfiber mopturbo microfiber mop

If you’re sick of dust bunnies under the couch, pet hair on your socks, and feeling like people judge how clean your house is – it’s time to ditch your wimpy duster and upgrade to our pro-grade Microfiber Mop.

What You’ve Been Missing:

Faster Cleaning – Turbo Mops Clean 2x Faster With Our Large 18″ Pivoting Mop Heads, Ultra Lightweight Body, and Dirt Trapping Looped Microfiber DesignLight Weight – Our Extra Long, Extendable Aluminum Alloy Handle and Head Make Cleaning Easy While Saving You From FatigueMachine Washable – Wash our reusable pads up to 100 times. Stop Wasting Money on Single Use Disposable PadsExtra Thick – Premium, Heavy Duty Microfiber Mop Pads with Microfiber Gripping Technology that consists of 10,000+ of fiber loops that grip anything any everything on your floor. Say Bye to Pet Hair!Deep Clean Scrub Pads – Stop moving your messes around and use the deep clean scrub pads to break down and clean up those stubborn messes! Perfect for Tile, Grout, Extra Dirty Floors, Garages, and BasementsA Huge Wad of CASH – Every time you throw away a disposable cleaning pad you’re throwing away money. In fact you spend almost 50 cents a sheet so even a quick cleaning job that requires 4 sheets just cost you a couple bucks!

microfiber mop for wet moppingmicrofiber mop for wet mopping

When Your Guests Walk In Your Front Door, What Goes Through Their Mind?

Next time, don’t leave it to chance. Make your floors so clean and shiny that your guests take one look and say “Wow! Your house is so clean!” There’s a certain feeling people get when they walk into a clean home & once your guests start taking their shoes off without you asking, you know they are getting that feeling. Best of all with Turbo Mops you can clean your floors during a single commercial break during your favorite TV Show!

pivoting microfibe rmoppivoting microfibe rmop

The Fastest & Best Way to Clean Your Floors

Are you sick of the process involved in cleaning your floors? Do you still grab a mop, a bucket of water/cleaning solution, and then start the tedious process of wiping away on your floors? Worst of all does it feel like you’re more so moving the mess around rather than actually “picking up” the dirty stuff? We had the same problem when we would clean our floors so we wanted to find a better solution. Now with turbo mops, those long, ineffective cleaning sessions are no more. Instead, you can quickly grab your extendable turbo mop, toss on a reusable microfiber pad (or heavy-duty scrubber pad) and knock out your floor cleaning in minutes!

Turbo mops are super lightweight so you’ll feel like you’re cleaning at “Turbo” speeds PLUS the premium microfiber pads trap and lock in all the messes so you don’t need to rewash the same spots over and over again! Our unique looped fibers are superior to traditional microfiber pads and work great when wet or when dry. Best of all the hinged design on the mop allows for not only quick wiping but they make scrubber tough messes a piece of cake! Try doing that with a traditional “string” mop!

Would you believe that these pads still cost less than the replacement pads on other competing products! Best of all you can wash and reuse your pads over 100 times! No wonder Turbo Mops are a hit for not only home use but also used by professional cleaners throughout North America!

Microfiber Mop Features

Machine Washable (up to 100 Washes!)

Machine Washable (up to 100 Washes!)

clean any floor type

clean any floor type

machine washable microfiber mop pads

machine washable microfiber mop pads

Machine Washable (up to 100 Washes!)

Save money and the earth by washing our replacement microfiber pads in your washing machine 50-100 times.

Clean Any Floor Type With Our Premium Microfiber

Turbo Microfiber Mops Clean a Variety of Surfaces Both Wet And Dry Including: Hardwood Floors, Laminate, Tile, Bamboo, Cement, Stone, Vinyl, Marble, Granite, and Even Drywall! There are No Messes To Big Or Small For Our Mops! They Work Great In Homes, Apartments, Dorms, Schools, Offices, Restaurants, and Garages!

Machine Washable (Save Money & The Earth)

Our Extra Thick, Plush Microfiber Pads Can Be Machine Washed 100+ Times in Both Top and Side Load Washing Machines. Don’t Waste Money On Cheap Disposable Pads That Only Last For A Single Cleaning Session And Fill Up Landfills. Save Money And The Earth While Increasing The Effectiveness Of Your Mop With Our Premium Reusable Mop Pads!

cost savings over timecost savings over time

Single Use Sweeper Cost VS Microfiber Mop

People usually say “Quality” or “Cost”, Pick One. With Turbo Microfiber Mops you can have both! By using our microfiber mops with multi-use (both wet and dry) reusable pads you’ll save a ton of money! You may not save enough to buy that Lamborghini you’ve had your eye on but lets do a little math!

We won’t name names, but popular competing products with disposable wet pads generally run around 15 USD for a 36 count of floor mop cleaning sheet refills. This breaks down to roughly 42 cents per disposable pad. That doesn’t even include the extra Dry Pads and Hardwood Pads you’ll likely need as well but let’s skip that for this example!

If your standard kitchen and bathroom cleanings require a total of 4 pads that’s nearly 2 dollars per cleaning! If you clean your floors only once a week that still adds up to nearly 100 dollars a year in pads alone! I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind an extra 100 bucks a year!

Competitor ComparisonCompetitor Comparison

Effective – Designed to pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris, these mops for floor cleaning know how to make a clean sweep around the home, apartment, dorm, office, and more.
Swivel Action – Take this hardwood floor mop for a spin! It features a 360-degree rotating head to effortlessly wipe up messes in every direction.
Adjustable – Our floor cleaner has a sturdy, aluminum, telescoping handle that extends up to 60″ for easy cleaning on windows or walls, under the couch, and every other nook and cranny.
Compatibility – The dust mop’s machine-washable microfiber and scrubbing pads are compatible with the Swiffer Wet Jet, Shark, Bona, Bissell, Libman, o-Cedar, and other mops.
Multipurpose Cleaner – Whether used as a wet or dry mop, these microfiber mops for floor cleaning work wonders on wood, tile, laminate, vinyl, and other types of floors.

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