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Start-X Complete Plug N Play Remote Starter kit for Toyota Tundra 2010-2017 || Zero Wire Splicing!

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Price: $198.99
(as of Dec 04,2021 10:50:16 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Start-X LogoStart-X Logo

Made in USAMade in USA


USA- This kit is brought to you by Start-X, the leading plug n play remote start company in North America. The remote Start module is proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in North America. With tens of thousands satisfied customers you can’t go wrong. Start-X technical support agents are located in the USA and provide support in English.


Plug N Play Remote Starter Kit

YES! You can install a remote starter yourself. Please don’t pay exuberant dealer fees to have the dealer do what you can do yourself. The Start-X kit was designed with YOU in mind. You, the average car owner that can fix a thing or 2 yourself.

The included T-harness greatly simplifies installation.


Using Your New System – 3X Lock

The module will monitor the OEM remote for 3X Lock and will start your vehicle when you press lock 3 times. An aftermarket emote is not necessary, there are no extra key fobs to carry around.


Unique Start-X T-Harness

The included T-harness is a unique Start-X T-Harness that can not be found anywhere else. The T-harness is neat and avoids the the usual “rats nest” of wires.


Complete Kit

The kit contains everything you need for a successful installation, We even include a pry tool to pop the panels and zip ties to secure the module.

✅ START YOUR TUNDRA REMOTELY – Use the most complete Plug N Play Remote Starter KIT for Tundra 2010-2017 G- Key to cool/warm up your vehicle. Get into your Tundra when it’s just the right temperature. 🔴🔴 Please make sure your key as a G on it.
✅ ZERO WIRE SPLICING – There is zero wire cutting or splicing required. Completely plugs in to factory connectors. No knowledge of wiring car electronics is required to install this kit. While other kits out there may require tapping some wires, in particular, if the vehicle has an alarm, the Start-X kit does not require any wire tapping in all situations.
✅ OPTIONAL CELL PHONE ADD ON – Start your vehicle from anywhere with an optional cell phone module add on.

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