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Electronic Piggy Banks, ATM Savings Bank for Kids, Auto Scroll Paper Money Saving Bank Password Coin Bank, Perfect Children’s Day Toy Gifts for Boys&Girls

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Product Description

Rich dad or Poor dad

Rich dad or Poor dadRich dad or Poor dad

Be a rich dad or poor dad,that’s a question? More and more people choose to spend the future money to satisfy their current desires now. We need to teach our children develop the habit of saving money to bank from an early age. The rich said:1.Don’t work for money 2. Learn to invest yourself as Robert. Pick our ATM piggy bank means you choose the former.Kids bank as personal gift for Christmas or birthday.

How to change the passwordHow to change the password

Lefree Digital Characteristic 1-4 Lefree Digital Characteristic 1-4

1.Digital7:Close ATM safe bank and press 7(3sec) to set time.Enter hours and minutes,such as 0704 is 7:04.Broadcasting time when you press 7 one time.By the way,our machine time standard is 24 hours.

2.Digital8:Close coin bank,press 8(3sec) to set alarm time,Enter hours and minutes.Such as 2020 is for 20:20 to go bed to sleep.

3.Digital9:Press 9 to turn on or off your alarm set.The voice is alarm on or off.

4.Digital0:Press 0 to Backtrack last time of open your personal money saving bank time.

How to change the password

Important Note

1. Press the coin bank unlock key(Lower right corner button),and then default code (0000),Put your singal finger to confirm.

2.Press the key button(Lower left corner button),the voice said:Password Please

3.Enter the password you prefer.

4 Press the fingerprint confirmation.

When you heard password change completed means you have finished ATM bank password change.

A: Ensure batteries are inserted in saving box with the correct postive and negative.

B: If you forget the password,take out the battery,the password will be reset to “0000”

C: If one of batteries is low,the password will be back to“0000”.

How to use

Install Batteries

Install Batteries

Two-way Saving

Two-way Saving

Password Please

Password Please

Rotating the knob to open

Rotating the knob to open

Step 1:Install Batteries

You need to prepare 3pcs AA(not including)for kids bank first,and then use screwdriver(We have prepared it in box)to install the batteries.

Step 2:Two-Way Saving

There are electronic ATM auto scroll paper cash inlert for paper money.Coin inlert for 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents and 1 dollar.

Step 3:Password Please

First,press the piggy bank unlock key(Lower right corner button),and then enter password you set(Default Code is “0000”),Put your singal finger to confirm.

Step 4:Rotating the knob to open

Please rotate the knob by Counterclockwise when the kids money bank voice said:Open the safe.

Gift for girl/boys/adultsGift for girl/boys/adults

Upgrade Multi-Functions:Besides password code lock for protection(Default Code is “0000”)We add extra 3 functions to Lefree kids piggy bank:1.Broadcast time(digital 7) 2.Alarm clock(digital 8) 3. Backtrack the opening time(digital 0) Now,Taking our extra functions money bank for kids.
Personal Kids Bank:Rich dad said: ATM savings bank a positive way to learn the virtues of saving.Large saving space can store over 600 pieces of Coins or 300 pieces of paper money.It’s a unique gift to choose piggy bank for boys/girls/adults.
High Quality:Made of premium ABS plastic.The door of the kids safe(1 inch) is fixed with 13 pcs screws.Money safe bank has passed multiple anti-fall tests.The corners have been treated to ensure that your children will not be stabbed.
Mini ATM:When the paper money aim at money bank’s cash inlet, it can automatically absorb the cash like ATM bank in reality. In a sense, this will be helpful for your child get to know saving bank.
After-Service:Electronic piggy bank * 1,screwdriver * 1 and user manual * 1 are included in package. If you didn’t receive these or aren’t satisified with our coin bank,Please via: 1.QA 2.Amazon Message Center.

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